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Expert Contracting for Challenging Projects


Giles-McIvor is a leading general construction, concrete and contracting firm based in Jacksonville, Fla. We offer comprehensive contracting for commercial, industrial and residential building projects, with a specialized focus on construction project management and complicated concrete pouring services. Our construction professionals offer thorough property search and evaluation, expert feasibilities review, zoning compliance, building design and management of specialized contractors. No project is too complicated for Giles-McIvor.

Construction Services



The feasibility study is one of the most overlooked parts of developing a property. But a solid feasibility study will not only help ensure accurate financial projections of the property's value, but can also help the property fit into the local market economics. Without a feasibility study for any medium or large scale project, it could be more costly and less profitable than expectations. A feasibility study is the only way to know for sure how your property will perform. Giles-McIvor feasibility studies use proven methodology in site inspection, field work and market analysis.


General Contracting

Giles-McIvor provides comprehensive general contracting services for many clients, including healthcare facilities, commercial office space, clinics, animal care facilities, retail developments and more. Bring on our team to manage all parts of your building project, including oversight of vendors and labor, facilitating communications with all parties, and managing timelines and budgeting. From site selection to concrete to construction, Giles-McIvor offers a full range of general contractor services.


Interior Buildout

Ready to get more from your existing building? Giles-McIvor can execute interior buildouts to remodel office and building spaces, giving a new look, improved function and better layout to work areas. Has your office space become too crowded or are the rooms not set up right for your productivity needs? By creating new rooms, walkways, meeting rooms and customer areas, your business can meet the demands of growth and new markets. Giles-McIvor can help your business better meet your commercial demands with a customer interior buildout made to fit your business plan.


Site Work

Just because you have a location doesn't mean it's ready for construction. Giles-McIvor can take care of all site work needed at a location, from clearing growth to leveling the land. Our team of construction professionals uses the latest in digging, earth moving and hauling equipment to prepare sites for drainage, sewers, paving or foundations for building construction.


Structural Concrete

At Structural Concrete, our team of experts can execute complicated concrete pours of all types. We specialize in commercial slabs, site paving, sidewalks, curbs, piles, caps and have the capabilities to pull off even the most difficult concrete pouring projects. Structural Concrete also provides expert consulting, to help clients, contractors, engineers and others construction professionals get the most value from the concrete pours in their projects. For any contractor, Structural Concrete will provide the concrete need to complete your project, on time and on budget.